Alderley Edge Parish CouncilOn this page you will find details of all the councils finances in the form of the Precept and Budget Proposals for the current or next year and the Annual Accounts and Annual Return for the last or previous years. The documents are listed chronologically.

Please note that you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer in order to read or print the accounts documents. If you don't have the reader you can download it here

Budget 2017/18


Annual Return 2016/17 - unaudited
Annual Budget 2016/17
Bank Reconciliation 2016/17
Reserves Reconciliation 2016/17
Balance Sheet 2016/17
Financial Report 2016/17
Asset Register 2016/17
Budget 2016/17


Annual Return 2015/16
Bank Reconciliation 2015/16
Reserves Reconciliation 2015/16
Balance Sheet 2015/16
Financial Report 2015/16
Asset Register 2015/16
Budget 2015/16


Annual Return 2014/15
Bank Reconciliation 2014/15
Reserves Reconciliation 2014/15
Balance Sheet 2014/15
Financial Report 2014/15
Asset Register 2014/15
Budget 2014/15


Annual Return 2013/14
Bank Reconciliation 2013/14
Reserves Reconciliation 2013/14
Balance Sheet 2013/14
Asset Register 2013/14
Budget 2013/14

Annual Return 2012/13
Bank Reconciliation - 31st March 2013
Balance Sheet 2012/13
Budget 2012/13


Annual Return 2011/12
Balance Sheet 2011/12
Budget 2011/12


Annual Return 2010/11
Balance Sheet 2010/11















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